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yamaha frog 750

When Former Apple Designers Design the Yamaha Frog FZ750 Motor

Hartmut Esslinger created a unique motorcycle design in 1985, called the Yamaha Frog 750. The name Frog itself is taken from the company name Frog...
7 Vintage Porsche Cars Since 1948

7 Vintage Porsche Cars Since 1948

Porsche's role in the global automotive industry dates back decades. Various models have been released and regenerated until now. Talking a little about Porsche, this...
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Reasons Why Vintage Cars Have High Prices

Classic and retro cars are often a hot topic for some people. Not only that, it's not uncommon for fans to consider classic and...
Best British Vintage Cars

Best British Vintage Cars

If you look back at the history of cars, British manufacturers have produced some of the world's most stunning, exciting, and thrilling automobiles. Although many...
bentley electric car

Bentley Electric Car Plans to Launch in 2025

Bentley is planning a Five-in-Five strategy that sees the automaker introduce five new electric cars that will be launched once a year starting in...

NHTSA Posts Final Regulations for Low-Volume Production of Turnkey Replica Vehicles

Over five years later than the time frame established to be met by Congress, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has finally published the guidelines...
ineos grenadier

Ineos Grenadier enters production line July 2022

Ineos Automotive claims to have completed the next phase of testing for the Grenadier after carrying out an off-road capability test on one of...