History of the Ferrari logo on fighter planes to Formula 1

The logo is one of the most important parts of a company. Apart from being a symbol, a logo is also the hallmark of a brand.

Ferrari as a supercar brand from Italy, has a distinctive logo in the form of a prancing horse and Ferrari’s distinctive red color.

Drawing on the history of the logo, the two elements of the prancing horse and the red Ferrari are not from the same era. Where, the Prancing Horse logo was found first.

The Prancing Horse logo itself comes from a fighter plane piloted by Francesco Baracca, then created by Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari when he was a soldier. The prancing horse was inspired by Baracca’s mother, Countess Paolina.

According to him, horses are a symbol of good luck. It is hoped that the aircraft using the logo will not be hit by the enemy.

Entering 1923, after leaving the army, Enzo turned into a racer. The logo that used to be on the plane is now installed on his racing car. Then, Enzo returned to drawing a horse on a yellow background. This logo first appeared in 1932 on the Alfa Romeo car of the Scuderia racing team.

Since then, the Prancing Horse logo has continued to be a trademark of Ferrari. In fact, the shape has not changed much from the first time it was created.

Meanwhile, the red color itself originated in 1950. When Ferrari first competed in Formula 1. Where, one of the regulations stated the color of the car based on the participant’s country of origin.

Italy, which is Enzo’s country of origin, gets a red color. And known as Italiano Rosso Corsa or Italian Racing Red. Seeing this opportunity, Ferrari used this color in racing cars and passenger cars.

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