Do you have enough followers on your Instagram account? But when you upload a photo or video, the number of people who like your photo is very small? Does this make you embarrassed, frustrated, resentful, discouraged, and lazy to upload more photos to Instagram? If so, I will make you happy again, because I will discuss how to get lots of likes on Instagram without an application on a cellphone and it’s definitely free.

Now, by getting lots of free Instagram likes, you don’t need to buy Instagram auto likes, because natural likes will be very satisfying, and make you proud to keep uploading photos again.

Immediately, if you can’t wait to find out how to get lots of likes on Instagram and free Instagram followers without an application, automatically and for free, here’s an easy way to increase Instagram likes for you to try:

How to get lots of likes on the latest Instagram

Try using hashtags or hashtags

How to increase Instagram likes with this hashtag, actually I have also discussed it in the previous article, namely how to add Instagram followers. Using hashtags will not only increase Instagram followers, but will also make the photos you upload increase the number of likes or likes.

Using hashtags will make your photos grouped, and easy for other Instagram users to find by typing certain keywords. So your photos are likely to get more likes, let alone use more hashtags in the photos you upload.

Examples of the most popular hashtags and every time I want to upload photos I also use these hashtags:

  • ontheroad
  • instago
  • instagood
  • instadaily
  • photooftheday
  • like4follow
  • likeforfollow
  • likeforlike
  • instapic
  • Instagram
  • latepost
  • picoftheday

I use this hashtag in almost all the photos I post on Instagram. And usually when I upload food photos, I’ll add other popular hashtags, like #instafood #food #yummy and #foodie.

If the photos are tourism themed, beautiful nature, or tourist attractions, I will add #travel #vacation #visiting #instatravel #trip #holiday #tourism #instatraveling #mytravelgram #travelgram and #natgeotravel.

In addition to using the popular hashtags above, you can add other popular hashtags that match the theme of the photo you uploaded.

It’s best not to include too many hashtags, because Instagram will consider spam later. Just enter about five hashtags related to the photo you uploaded. Instagram’s latest algorithm update now also affects hashtags inserted into comments, which has no effect on the photos you upload.

Actively interact with fellow Instagram users

One of my ways to get more people to like photos on Instagram is to be more active and often interact with fellow followers and following. Try to comment on your friends’ photos more often and always like their newly uploaded photos, and they will reply with likes and comments on your photos, and on your photos that you will upload next.

Bomb like photos of unknown people

In addition to the second way, how to increase likes on Instagram, what I often do is bomb like photos of people I don’t know, and soon they will reply to our photos as well. This method is very effective if your old photos want to get lots of likes too.

Upload photos at the right time

If the photo you upload is the best photo in the world, but you upload it in the middle of the night, don’t expect it to get a lot of likes. At least one and a few of your friends stay up late like your photo.

The right time to upload photos to Instagram is at night, or after dinner. At night many people rest and entertain themselves by playing cellphones.

In addition to the evening, other times that are suitable for uploading photos to Instagram are at lunch time, and at dawn.

After uploading photos, don’t forget to like and comment on friends’ photos

This method is also a way to get lots of likes on Instagram. So your friends will like and comment back on the photo you just uploaded.

Don’t upload photos on weekends

On the weekends, many people are busy, busy going out with their partners, with their families, busy hanging out, and the worst thing is the singles. They will delay liking the photo you just uploaded, so they don’t find out if they’re not having fun with their partner but just looking at photos on Instagram.

Photo with the artist

Well, this is the most powerful way to get lots of likes for your photos, namely photos with artists. Maybe those who live in Jakarta are very likely to take photos with their idol artists. But not only with artists, photos with presidents, governors, regents, and other famous people will also invite lots of likes on your photos.

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