ineos grenadier

Ineos Automotive claims to have completed the next phase of testing for the Grenadier after carrying out an off-road capability test on one of the 4X4 test fields.

This new generation Grenadier prototype has been approved by Ineos Chairman, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, after conquering the challenging trail on Mount Schöckl, near Magna Steyr headquarters in Austria, as part of an initial engineering assessment.

“Compared to the initial version of the Grenadier I drove a year ago, we managed to make big strides. Mount Schöckl is a formidable challenge for any 4X4 car, ”said Sir Jim.

He admitted, this was the real test for the prototype, and they admitted that they had passed it very well.

“There is still a lot of work to be done, but I believe that the Grenadier will function as we want,” added Jim.

Intensification of the Grenadier testing program, it claims will test more than 130 second-stage prototypes with an accumulation of 1.8 million kilometers in extreme terrain around the world.

Dirk Heilmann, CEO of INEOS Automotive said, “We only have one chance to make it happen, while achieving Grenadier’s performance and quality targets. we are on the right track to reach our target and start production by July next year. “

Earlier this year, their engineers claimed to have successfully completed extensive engine calibration of the Grenadier prototype in cold weather conditions in northern Sweden.

The next stage of development and validation processes, the Grenadier must undergo intense heat testing in some of the hottest regions in the world, including in the Death Valley in the United States and in the wilderness of the Middle East.

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