hyundai robotics

Hyundai wants to reduce physical touch and use robotics and metaverse to create a world that can be controlled remotely.

The South Korean automaker isn’t just being considered an automaker anymore and is using its technology to build robots that can help from thousands of miles away.

“We envision future mobility solutions run by advanced robotics, even extending our mobility solutions to Metamobility,” said Euisun Chung, Executive Chairman of the Hyundai Group.

Jobs that use robots to feed pets at home, or even use them to cuddle them. If that sounds a bit pricey, the automaker expects these virtual robot connections to also happen at the factory, which is a bit more difficult. Using a “robot avatar” via a virtual reality interface, a worker can remotely manipulate things in a factory with a robot.

In addition, people who are still in the physical world may get help from Hyundai robotics. With the exoskeleton, humans can be supported in their work by robots, regardless of whether they are connected to virtual reality or ordinary reality.

Even though time and space are set to be irrelevant, Hyundai still has plans for its future vehicles. Instead of just being a means of transportation, a car can be an office or a 3D gaming space.

By connecting to virtual spaces, automakers are planning exciting new in-car VR experiences for their users. The platform is scalable and a single wheel can steer, brake and drive it.

“In the world to come, we won’t be moving our things, but objects will actually move around us with PnD modules that make inanimate objects traditionally flexible,” explains Dong Jin Hyun, head of the Group Robotics Lab. Hyundai Motors.

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