pirelli 18-inch tires

Pirelli boss Mario Isola has revealed the findings from last season’s testing of the new 18-inch tires for the 2022 season. Pirelli conducted a 28-day test of the new tires using nine cars from 10 teams except Williams.

“In a busy season with all the obstacles and 22 races, I believe it is a great achievement to develop 18-inch tires. These tires are designed in a different way, with the target riders asking for less overheating, less degradation, they want to push the tire performance, they want to fight longer on the track, and obviously we made that happen and agreed to that request. FIA, FOM and team to follow this direction,” said Isola.

In the manufacture of these tires, Pirelli had to design a new profile, a new construction, optimize the tread, design a new range of compounds. The tire is a completely new product with a new approach, and it is believed that this development will be very helpful for other activities in the company as well.

Isola again explained the advantages of this new F1 tire, “I would say that we have confirmed that the new product has the characteristics of not overheating, the drivers have the opportunity to be able to push the tire more. In Abu Dhabi we were not able to simulate the actual tire development test, where we have one car running on the track or a maximum of two cars,” he explained.

In terms of wear and tear, it is difficult to make predictions because it uses a pre-production car, so have to wait for the actual performance of the new 2022 car.

Furthermore, the speed difference between the 18-inch and 13-inch cars may not be as big as first anticipated. “We have simulations coming from the team, simulations tell us that the new car is not much slower than last year’s car,” he explained.

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