porsche roof box

Not long ago, the 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Tursimo came with a wider space and luggage capacity.

This new variant has a larger capacity of 446 liters, while the sedan version is only 407 liters. If the luggage space is considered insufficient, the German manufacturer introduced the Porsche Tequipment Performance roof box.

The idea is to combine practicality and durability at high speeds to blend well with the image of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. This feature further strengthens that the Taycan is a multifunctional sports car and can be invited to travel long distances.

“On the road to perfection, these components are driven on a track for several thousand kilometers as part of the overall vehicle testing,” said Jochen Schmid, Porsche Tequipment Director.

As a manufacturer’s accessory, this roof box gets the same careful engineering as their car line-up does. Porsche engineers even tested its durability in wind tunnels with complex mathematical calculations. The goal is to create an aerodynamic shape so as not to reduce the car’s performance.

The design is shaped in such a way as to reduce air resistance and therefore not greatly affect the performance of the car. As a result, the company has certified the ability of this storage box to remain stable even though it faces speeds of up to 200 kph.

The roof box has a capacity of 480 liters and the manufacturer claims there is enough space to carry five pairs of skis or three snowboards. This box is also capable of accommodating up to 75 kg of cargo.

This luggage rack has a metallic black color as the base paint with several color combination options such as Dolomite Silver, Bianco Carrara and Grigio Vulcano. For those of you who want to buy, this roof box costs around EURO 1,150. If you want to get a colored sidebar there is an additional fee of around EURO 350.

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