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Classic and retro cars are often a hot topic for some people. Not only that, it’s not uncommon for fans to consider classic and retro cars to have high collection values. So don’t be surprised if retro and classic cars have a fairly high price, even with arguably less well-maintained conditions.

There are several reasons why retro and classic cars are still in high demand and have a fairly high price tag. Of course, this is quite interesting to observe.

History factor or nostalgia

One of the main reasons why classic and retro cars are sought after by fans is the historical value attached to a car. For example, if a brand A car has been used as a ministerial operational vehicle in the past or has been used by certain figures. In addition, the nostalgic value felt by a person also makes a car so valuable. It is not uncommon for someone to be willing to pay dearly for a car just because of the nostalgia factor in the past.

Rarely found manufacturer or model

The next reason is if the retro or classic car comes from a brand or model rarely found today. For example, if there are cars with the Dodge, FIAT, or Jaguar brands, they certainly have a certain prestige value because they come from manufacturers, which are quite rare in some countries.

In addition, it could also be because the car has a rare model, such as a 2-door coupe or station wagon model. Both models are indeed rare to find in Indonesia. So, it becomes a matter of pride if you manage to own or maintain a car with a rare population and easily attract people’s attention.

Certain unique values

This one thing is indeed quite difficult or abstract to explain. However, some retro or classic cars are in demand because of their unique value, for example, the VW Beetle. This old car is in demand because it has a unique design. After all, it looks like a frog. Or for example, the Mini Cooper, which is very popular because it was used by the legendary British character, Mr. Beans.

Once sold but in limited quantities

Some manufacturers have offered several models or variants with certain advantages but are sold in limited quantities. Such as the Daihatsu Charade Turbo or the FIAT Uno Turbo were officially sold but in limited quantities. In addition, there is also the Suzuki Vitara EPI, for example, which was only sold for 2 years, namely between 1994 and 1995, and has adopted electronic injection technology.

Expensive restoration costs

It is undeniable that the restoration cost can be why classic or retro cars have a fairly high price. The cost of restoration is expensive due to the limited availability of spare parts or specialist workshops. This reason finally helped boost the selling price of retro or classic cars.

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