Uaw Gm Strike Update. Gm and the uaw remain apart on key issues as the strike heads toward its third week. Today marks the start of the 5th week since uaw members began their strike at general motors.

Gm Strike Heads Into A Second Week Wsj from

Why is general motors a target? With talks between the union and gm set to. In a significant reversal, general motors has told the uaw that it will continue to pay for health coverage for striking workers. Gm has a major upper hand and the new workers dont seem to get that strikes are supposed to be a last resort measure and noone really wins from them. Gm workers are still on strike after a decision last week by the uaw's national gm council, which signed off on the proposed tentative agreement reached with the automaker but agreed to continue the strike until the deal is ratified by members. Impacted workers are eligible for continued health insurance cover under cobra, which is covered by united auto workers' strike and defense fund. It's unconfirmed whether the uaw and gm will strike an agreement within hours or days, but we will keep an eye on the negotiations.

The united auto workers (uaw) union has called an end to its strike with general motors after a majority of members approved a new contract.

16 at company sites nationwide that it was kicking health care costs to the union, a move that uaw leaders said blindsided. At one point, a public exchange of words saw gm insinuating the uaw was moving too slowly in negotiations and not responding to company proposals. Gm hopes the deal can be approved expeditiously. The united auto workers union has been in talks with general motors, negotiating new terms for workers in the wake of a strike that began on september 16. Gm told the union after it went on strike sept. From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. General motors says the company will now pay for striking workers' health insurance, nine days after saying coverage jason kaplan, a spokesperson with the uaw, painted the company's turnaround as a victory: The united auto workers, as it had announced, went out on strike at midnight sunday against general motors.

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