Volkswagen ID.4 crash test rewarded with 5 stars

The Volkswagen ID.4 recently got a perfect score in the crash test conducted by EuroNCAP. The 2021 World Car of the Year winner electric car won 5 stars in its safety features.

As usual, the test is carried out like simulating the incidence of an accident on a real highway. The average speed when testing is limited to about 32 to 60 kph, according to the engineering carried out.

For the forward test, it is depicted that the collision occurred on the front in full and in half. The airbags open perfectly on the two front passenger sections, and the side airbags also work well.

Collisions from the side, side airbags open well to protect passengers from being thrown out or broken glass hitting the passenger’s body. And there is also a middle airbag between the front passengers, the goal is that there is no physical contact that allows the risk of injury.

Meanwhile, the headrest design on the seat also provides the perfect support to prevent neck injuries. And the front of the car is made quite soft when hit by a pedestrian, so that the possibility of serious injury can be avoided.

In addition to out safety features such as the braking system, automatic braking sensors, as well as line departure warning or lane keeping assist are able to function properly. Therefore, its safety features are rated 85%. Meanwhile, the safety of adult passengers reaches 93%, children passengers 89%, and other road users 76%.

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