yamaha frog 750

Hartmut Esslinger created a unique motorcycle design in 1985, called the Yamaha Frog 750.

The name Frog itself is taken from the company name Frog Design, a company founded by Esslinger in 1969.

This motorbike was also created because at that time the German Motorrad magazine was conducting a design competition to create a safer and more beautiful motorbike.

“In addition to creating a futuristic design, we also integrated the findings of safety features by the University of Bochum, Germany which influenced the shape of the Frog 750 body and the shape of the fuel tank. This is done to increase visibility when the motorcycle is on the side, because the main accident in the United States (at that time) was a car crossing the motorway,” said Esslinger.

In addition to the unique body design at that time, Esslinger also innovated through dual headlights to help the lighting system get more leverage, as well as designing carbon fiber rims which are now also used in the world of motorsport.

Now the bike is brought to Yamaha’s headquarters in Hammamatsu in Japan. Although this was the most innovative invention at the time, Yamaha did not intend to mass produce the motorcycle because it was not practical and even though the Yamaha FZ 750 which was the basis was quite successful at that time.

If according to standards, the FZ 750 is equipped with a 749 cc DOHC inline four-cylinder engine, with an output of 103 hp at 10,500 rpm. Connected to a six-speed transmission, it can go up to 230 kph.

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