Who Makes Lexus Cars. Lexus cars and suvs are primarily manufactured at seven factories throughout japan. The brand is revolutionary in many ways, along with being the front runner of hybrid.

Lexus History
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See lexus's full lineup of new and used vehicles. Explore the world of lexus and join an adventure in creativity, innovation and future thinking. Read reviews, see photos, and compare models by price, specs, and features. Where are lexus models made? You have got the answer, i hope. Tokuo fukuichi, who is charged with leading lexus' design revolution, says the unifying theme behind all the new cars from the luxury automaker is an emphasis on character over classic beauty. Fast, fancy, and showy, lexus sells the type of car that people like to leave out front in the drive for the neighbors to admire.

Lexus has continually topped surveys for highest initial quality for its entire vehicle line.

Which car brands make the best vehicles? Lexus is marketed in more than 70 countries around the world and was first introduced in north america in the late 1980s. The toyota land cruiser is one of the most expensive vehicles they. Some of the lower valued lexus models like the ux and the es are made in canada and in the united for someone middle class, who can afford a nicer car, but is frugal enough to care about repair costs, and understands that a car is to get you from point a. Ux (hybrid and bev), nx, es and rx. Its flagship car, the ls sedan, has won dozens of awards since the brand's first model year in 1990. That's not to say they aren't good cars. Explore the line of lexus luxury sedans, suvs, hybrids, performance cars and accessories, or find a lexus dealer near you.

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